A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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This is a Glossary of game related Star Wars terms and RPG terms.

GM: Game Master
The gamemaster makes sure the game runs smoothly and gives the outcome of actions made by characters. The gamemaster might sometimes create NPCs or groups of NPCs to interact whith regular characters. For example you are traveling to Tatooine and a ship full of NPC space pirates attacks your ship and you have to fight them off.

NPC: No Player Character
Anyone can create and use these, only the GM can make enemy ones. (Meaning if your an imperial you can't make a rebel NPC to capture as a prisoner.) Like with regular characters, the GM decides if they succeed or fail in an action that has an uncertain outcome. Generally speaking, if an NPC is in the hands of their enemy, the GM plays for them, (It makes things more interesting.)

RPG: Roleplay Game

SD: Star Destroyer