A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

X-wings vs the Empire

The Emperor's most feared
weapon in the Galaxy, the Death Star,
was destroyed two and a half weeks ago
by the Rebel Alliance.

Because no word was
recieved from Grand Moff Tarkin
Lt. Anita Daresky was sent to the Yavin
System, the last known location of the Space
Station, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Darth Vader.

During her flight,
her long range communications
was damaged and thus she was out
of contact. The Imperial high command
then called on Commodore Eradius Lore to find
Lt. Daresky, Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader and
The Death Star...

At the Kuat Drive Yards, in the Kuat system, Commodore Eradius Lore took command of his new ship, the Colossus. Once ready, the ship departed for the Yavin System.

On Yavin 4 rebel officer Commander Jan Addmin was making an inspection of the fleet when Asori Larren came in to announce that she was leaving. Jan Addmin bid her good-by and warned her to be careful. In her cocky careless way, Asori Larren said that she would. Then she hopped into her x-wing and flew off.

Imperial officer Lt. Anita Daresky, commanding a carrack cruiser with 9 squads of stormtroopers aboard, arrived at the Yavin System and spotted Asori. Lt. Daresky proceeded to attack Asori Larren, figuring she would capture a rebel prisoner and find out what happened to the Death Star.

Back on the Yavin 4 rebel pilot Torri Kayder saw the enemy ship on the scanner and proceeded to fly out and join the battle. During the fight Lt. Daresky managed to escape from the x-wings and fly down to the planets surface. Asori left Yavin on her mission.

Commodore Eradius Lore commanding the Star Destroyer Colossus entered the Yavin System and proceeded to scan the area for some clue on where to go next. the scans picked up energy discharges and the Colossus headed for Yavin's 4th moon. Using the debris field around the planet to hide his approach from scanners.

Lt. Anita Daresky landed on Yavin 4 and before leaving to scout for the rebel base, she sent a message on an open frequency that she hoped would reach a nearby star destroyer. Commodore Lore received her message and they began communicating on an imperial encrypted frequency.

On Yavin 4 a communication officer picked up the communications sent by Lt. Daresky and it's reply from the Colossus. He relayed this to Commander Jan Addmin and she ordered everyone to prepare for an immediate base evacuation.

Meanwhile outside yavin 4, Torri Kayder realized the imperial cruiser had done more damage to her ship than she had originally thought when her x-wing began acting up. She told her droid, B2, to start fixing the slightly damaged communications relay so she could call for help.

On the Colossus Commodore Lore ordered the capture of the x-wing and the immediate attack of the rebel base on the planet below. He told Lt. Daresky he would send a shuttle craft to pick her up. After some minor trouble the Colossus successfully locked a tractor beam onto Torri's x-wing. Commodore Lore left on a shuttlecraft for the planet's surface before Torri came aboard the colossus.

Lt. Daresky was picked up by an Imperial shuttle and she sent her cruiser to the Colossus.

Commander Jan Addmin gave final instructions to the fleet and told them to take off. She then boarded her ship and left the hanger. Once outside, she could already see the waves of tie fighters coming to attack.

To be continued...


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