A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Gameplay: Space Travel

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Torri Kayder
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PostSubject: Gameplay: Space Travel   Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:33 pm


First, on whatever planet your on, post that your leaving in the spaceport, Hanger, or wherever your ship or a ship is located. (If there is no spaceport or hanger you can go ahead and make one if you want, this will be a public one not a private one.) Report once you are in the planets system. Then you can go into the space forum. You have to stay in the space forum for at least 24 hours at hyperspace, or 48 hours without traveling at hyperspace.


When you reach wherever you were going, post it in the space forum that your exiting space, then in the planets system forum post that you entered the system and that your heading toward whatever planet you choose in the system. (Some systems have several planets.) Post in the spaceport or hanger forum that you arrived. Remember there are always variables, your ship could crash land, or something. Of course, if that happened, you wouldn't have to land in the official spaceport.

Torri Kayder
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Gameplay: Space Travel
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