A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Jan Admin's Biography

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Jan Addmin

Number of posts : 17
Registration date : 2008-03-16

Status card
Current Location: Yavin 4
Credits: 10,000
Stuff: Blaster pistol, protocol droid T-3PO, Consular-class space cruiser

PostSubject: Jan Admin's Biography   Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:34 pm

Name: Jan Admin

Allegiance: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Rebel Leader

Rank: General

Date of Birth: 25 BBY

Homeworld: Alderaan

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Physical description: 5' 9", Red hair

Clothes/Armor: Senate dress

Force Sensitive: Nope

Ship: Consular-class space cruiser

Droid: Protocol Droid T-3PO

Weapons: Blaster pistol

Accessories: None

Personality: Makes sure that everyone gets along, and keeps things in line.

Likes: A smoothly run operation

Dislikes: Irresponsibility that puts plans in jeopardy

Strengths: Patience

Weaknesses: N/A

Fears: That the Empire will put the Rebellion in a corner

Quote/favorite saying: "We're fighting the Empire, not each other."

Skills: Diplomatic

Biography: Jan Addmin was a senator before the senate was disposed of by the Emperor. She set out to fight the Empire by Joining the Rebel Alliance. And Quickly rose in the ranks of the Rebellion.
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Jan Admin's Biography
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