A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Gameplay: Character, Droid, Weapon and Ship Damage and Repair

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PostSubject: Gameplay: Character, Droid, Weapon and Ship Damage and Repair   Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:10 pm

Basically there is only one main rule:

No unbelievable miraculous repair or recovery just to save some trouble.


If your character gets wounded or injured, they must go to a medical facility. Some medical facilities are for certain groups, (An imperial medical facility may not be inclined to help a rebel,) but you can still use them (If a member of that group help you or if you can do it without getting caught.).


If your weapon gets damaged you can take it to a weapon or droid repair shop. Or fix it yourself if you have the skill.


To get your droid repaired either you can do it, or take it to a droid repair shop or spaceport with a repair shop in it. You can only repair a droid if "droid repair" is mentioned in your skills in your biography. (You can learn it.)


The same as droid repair except it's a ship.

Note: Ships can be damaged on the ground as well as in the air.

Torri Kayder
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Gameplay: Character, Droid, Weapon and Ship Damage and Repair
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