A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Eradius Lore

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Commodore Eradius Lore
Level 2
Level 2

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Stuff: SoroSuub SC-4 Blaster pistol, Imperial Star Destroyer Mk II

PostSubject: Eradius Lore   Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:13 am

Name: Eradius Lore

Allegiance: Empire

Occupation: Imperial officer

Rank: Commodore

Date of Birth: 27 Years BBY

Homeworld: Fondor

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Physical description: 5 9", medium build, brown hair, brown eyes, Goatee.

Clothes/Armor: Imperial officers uniform

Force Sensitive: Yes/strong (completely unaware he has it)

Ship: SD Colossus, Imperial Star Destroyer Mk II

Droid: N/A

Weapons: Imperial munitions/SoroSuub SC-4 Blaster pistol


Personality: cool and calculating, will favour thought and cunning over force and numbers

Likes: the empire

Dislikes: threats to the empire

Strengths: Space Tactics, Leadership/command, space battles, deduction, capital ship operations

Weaknesses: ground combat, physical prowess

Fears: the fall of the empire

Quote/favourite saying: "what the rebels lack is vision"

capital ship command/operations
space tactics

Trained at the Prestigious Academy of Carida in advanced naval combat and military command, after graduation he was assigned to the SD Impiritor a victory star destroyer, after a 5 year tour of the mid rim worlds and 300+ successful engagements it was finally decided by high command that the SD Impiritor would be decommissioned and Eradius be given the rank of Commodore for his exceptional skill, eradius now awaits high command to assign him the command of a squadron

During the 5 year mission eradius fought the rebel alliance and other independent forces in over 300+ engagements, and only tactically retreated 4 times, then returning to beat the force.

Eradius is a very strong force sensitive, however he never unlocked his power and therefore has no force powers, however this gives him a good insight into battles, so he can predict what is going to happen, however he always contributed it to cunning

Eradius was recently assigned to the colossus, a ship which has not yet left Kuat spacedock, though his new crew will be green, he is glad to have this chance to command a powerful warship
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Eradius Lore
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