A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Torri Kayder

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Torri Kayder
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PostSubject: Torri Kayder   Thu Apr 10, 2008 1:51 am

Name: Torrianna Kayder

Allegiance: Rebel Alliance

Occupation: Pilot

Rank: ensign

Date of Birth: 19 BBY

Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Physical description: 5' 7", brown eyes, brown hair.

Clothes/Armor: Dark blue jumpsuit, Orange pilot uniform

Force Sensitive: Nope

Ship: Blue squad x-wing

Droid: Blue astromech R3-B2

Weapons: Blaster pistol, blue lightsaber

Accessories: None

Personality: A fighter, who doesn't give up easily.

Likes: Flying

Dislikes: The empire



Fears: The empire getting the best of them

Quote/favorite saying: N/A

Skills: Piloting, computer, basic droid and ship repair.

Biography: Tori grew up on Naboo. She knew the Empire was wrong and got into trouble more than once for speaking her mind. Just weeks before the destruction of Alderann Tori was traveling on an intergalactic space bus that was attacked by space pirates. The attack was defeated by a nearby Rebel Alliance convoy. She made a flash decision and joined them. Her best friend died on Alderann when it was destroyed by the Death Star.

Torri Kayder
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Torri Kayder
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