A RPG set just after the Battle of Yavin.
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 Departure of the Colossus

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PostSubject: Departure of the Colossus   Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:45 pm

Departure of the Colossus

Eradius walked out onto the docking view port, "what a magnificent site" he thought. his gaze was caught by the huge triangular ship in the dry dock before him, its triangular body; like the point of a spear stretching for 100s of meters, this was the beauty that only a Imperial star destroyer could provide, the Mk II was even larger and more fearsome then its predicesor, though eradius would have plenty of chances to find this out.

Eradius stepped out of the turbolift onto the main deck of the bridge, a huge catwalk stretching along to a viewing port at the front of the bridge, pulpits were all ships operations where preformed sat neatly next to the catwalk.

As Eradius glanced around he heard the familiar "Captain on the Deck", as the entire deck crew stood to attention Eradius thought about his promotion, even though he was a Commodore now it was always a tradition to call the commander of a ship Captain, regardless of rank.

"At ease all of you" Eradius said, he turned to his new first officer, "prepare the ship for departure from the drive yards Commander" Eradius said crisply

Eradius walked over and sat at his command chair, he was glad they had decided to use a command chair in the design of the MKII, "standing for hours was murder" he thought.

after a few hours the SD Colossus left the gravity well of Kuat and was ready to depart. Eradius placed his data pad into the slot into his chair and said "Helm, upload these co-ordinates to the navicom, then prepare for hyperspace". after a further amount of time, and after all preparations where made for departure Eradius ordered the Colossus to depart Kuat, he wondered what he would find in the Yavin system
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Departure of the Colossus
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