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 Gameplay: Tractor Beam

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PostSubject: Gameplay: Tractor Beam   Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:24 pm

The Tractor Beam Dice

There are three distance ranges of beam dice:
Far Range
Middle Range
Close Range

Remember, these ranges are not different kinds of tractor beams, they are how far away your target is. If your target is a distance away, use the "Far range" beam dice. If your target is closer but not real close, use the "mid range" beam dice. If your target is real close, use the "close range" beam dice. The range of a tractor beam varies from ship to ship, keep that in mind when choosing you dice.

Capturing a ship

The tractor beam dice works kind of like the attack and evade dice in a way. You say who you are going to capture and then you roll a beam dice. (Only one)

Escaping a tractor beam

If someone uses a "far range" beam dice on you and locks, then you use the far range escape dice, the same goes for the mid range and close range. If someone hit's you with a "close range" tractor beam dice you also have the option to come up with an escape plan and the GM can decide if it succeeded.

Because you'll be rolling dice please make sure your post is written the way you want it so you won't have to change it. Once a reply is made to your post it can not be edited.

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Gameplay: Tractor Beam
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